Communities Vs. Pros - Spring Cleaning!

AG Spring Cleaning

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6 versus 9. It's all been done before. Right? We don't think so. We are The Unit. Apocalypse Gaming, End of Reality and eXtv have joined forces to take the 6v9 concept to a whole new level and re-invent it.

The Unit is proud to announce "Spring Cleaning - Communities vs. Pros." This exciting new concept in Team Fortress 2 competitive play pits 9 members from 9 exemplary Team Fortress 2 communities against the best 6v6 competitive Team Fortress 2 has to offer. This inaugural Communities vs. Pros features members of ESG, Drunken Brawl, Hell's Kitchen, Reddit, FAP, Twisted Network, Version 2.0, The Rabbit Hole and NeoGamer View pitting their skills as a Highlander team against the ESEA Season 8 Regular Season Champions, Check6 gaming. The event will be best of three, featuring and map chosen by the Community players, a map chosen by the Pros and for the first time ever the Community gets a voice - the third and final map will be picked BY THE SPECTATORS OF THE EVENT. That's right - YOU get to choose what map the teams will play. After the first round we will put a vote up, and the winning map will be played by the teams.

AG Spring Cleaning
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The Unit would like to thank Methuselah who brought AG the idea and Cerious who helped us with the previous 6v9 events, which has now evolved to what is known currently as Communities versus Pros.

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